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What is AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology?

The AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology is designed specifically for the fire service to help your department:


Provides maximum in-service time for your fire apparatus and rescue vehicle fleet and minimizes unscheduled repairs.


Remote diagnostics are accessible by local service personnel, dealership
and manufacturer. Secure over-the-air programming updates can be provided to individual components.

create reports


Generate reports with user selected variables, run-log recording and documentation for review and analysis by your department.


Beyond conventional fleet management or telemetry systems, AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology reports the real time status of the chassis, critical multiplexing systems, and relevant water flow components.

Remote user interface

AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology features a secure web-based user interface that can be accessed by computers, tablets or cell phones.

integrate with partners

With AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology, your apparatus is the platform for integration of new technology that will further improve efficiency on the fire ground. The HAAS Alert Safety Cloud™ is one technology included as standard with AXIS™.


Communicate to designated personnel with trouble code reporting 24-hours a day / 7-days a week. Truck down condition indicator is available for priority response from the dealership and manufacturer to initiate necessary service.

Access Truck Documentation

Truck specific information including schematics, multiplex IO sheets and more can be accessed via convenient secure cloud storage.

Cellular based

AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology utilizes cellular networks for superior coverage and includes a 5-year data plan (with new builds) for hassle-free, secure and uninterrupted service.

Download the AXIS Product Sheet.

Download the AXIS Security Statement.

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If you have a vehicle with  AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology and have not registered your department, request an account below.

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