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System Comparison

Designed To Incorporate Future Growth

Capable of integrating new technology partners into the secure platform for future expansion on the fire ground.


Hub For Other Vehicle Networks

Up to 5 networks are accessible from AXIS™ providing visibility to many of the critical apparatus systems for a more comprehensive view of vehicle subsystems.


Web-Based Dashboard

Access to vehicle information from any computer, laptop or mobile device for operational advancements. Enhanced security protocol is provided by Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Remote Access to Apparatus Health

Reports the condition of vital systems from any web-based device, improving in-service time through awareness and preventative maintenance.

Engine Warning Light Diagnostics

Reduces truck down time by displaying diagnostic code with description for check engine and MIL light indicators. Technicians are alerted of issue to respond with correct tools and parts on service calls.

Truck Down Notification

From the web based user interface immediately notify dealer and manufacturer of a truck down, enabling expedited return to service.


Diagnostics of Vehicle Subsystems

Reduces downtime by allowing remote diagnostics of apparatus multiplex system, and if equipped, pressure governor, electric monitors, electric valves, foam systems, etc.

Data Logging For Apparatus Multiplex System

Expedites trouble-shooting and reduces downtime by seeing recorded events within the vehicle multiplex system.


Over the Air Updates of Vehicle Subsystems

Allows for program updates "Over The Air" when needed.


Real-Time Vehicle Notification To Mobile Device

Receive text or e-mail to specified recipient(s) when faults are present causing illumination of Check Engine and MIL lights enabling informed decisions regarding service.


Accident Avoidance (HAAS Alert Safety Cloud)

Technology partner HAAS Alert Safety Cloud provides R2V (Responder-to-Vehicle) information relative to the apparatus location when master warning lights are on to reduce response time and mitigate accidents.


Cellular-Based Service

Utilizes cellular service which provides far superior coverage than Wi-Fi systems.

5-Year Data Plan Included

Includes a full 5-years of service (on new truck orders). No monthly or annual fee to pay or obtain approval.


Real-Time Pump Pressure and Flow

Flow and pressure using pressure governor data are measured for record keeping and training.

Pump Cavitation Detection

Provides evidence of pump cavitation using features in pressure governors that can be used for record keeping and training.

Pump Diagnostics

Data relative to pump diagnostics recorded to expedite service reducing apparatus downtime.

GPS Tracking

Location of your department's apparatus using the web-based dashboard.

Customized Reporting

Reports can be tailored by departments to provide chassis and other apparatus information most valuable to them for review and analysis. The data can also be used for training to improve efficiencies.

Truck Documentation

Truck specific information can be stored in data cloud for access from any web-enabled device. Documents include schematics, multiplex IO sheets and factory recommended maintenance schedules.

Access to VDR Data

NFPA VDR data is easily accessed from the web-based dashboard. VDR data includes vehicle speed, acceleration, deceleration, ABS events, occupant detection, master warning status, date, time and more.

Available for Existing Fleet

Add AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology to existing fleet of custom or commercial units, as well as various makes, enabling data analysis from existing units to reduce downtime.


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