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Is AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology secure?

Yes, security and privacy are built into the Microsoft Azure platform. Microsoft is committed to the highest levels of trust, transparency, standards conformance, and regulatory compliance with the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud service provider.


Can I use my cellular provider?

AT&T is the sole source provider for AXIS™ cellular data transfer.


Why is AT&T the only Provider?

AT&T can switch to other GSM bands or roll back to 3G if no 4G LTE.


Is AXIS™ available in Canada or internationally?

Yes. We do have AXIS™ gateways specifically designed for both Canadian customers as well as many international markets.


Can AXIS™ be added to our current apparatus?

Your current trucks can be equipped with AXIS™ by utilizing one of three separate kits that include the vehicle gateway and connector kit. The three options differ by the cellular plan that comes along with each kit. We have a 1, 3 & 5 year plan. The required antenna will be available separately to allow a choice between a permanent roof mount and adhesive mount.


What components are required on my truck?

The AXIS™ system includes a vehicle gateway module and a low profile roof mounted antenna.


Does AXIS™ require a monthly fee?

For new trucks, AXIS™ includes 5 years of data and unlimited use of the AXIS™ dashboard. For aftermarket installs on custom or commercial chassis, AXIS™ is available with a 1, 3 or 5 year data plan to accommodate various budgets.


Can I use the department’s router for data service?

The AXIS™ gateway includes an Ethernet port to allow use of a department’s existing router. The department will have to work with their IT provider to allow AXIS™ data to flow past their firewall to the cloud. An AXIS™ antenna will still be installed as a back-up to the department’s router.


Does AXIS™ only work on custom chassis from E-ONE, KME and Ferrara?

AXIS™ can be installed on nearly any custom or commercial chassis apparatus as long as the engine and trans use J1939 protocol (J1939 usage began implementation in the year 2000).


Why should I allow the dealer and apparatus OEM to see my apparatus data?

Allowing the dealer and OEM to see your truck’s data will allow for faster and more accurate response when a problem occurs. Knowing what can potentially be causing the issue allows the dealer’s technician to bring needed parts to the initial service call to get the apparatus back in service quicker. And with the OEM having quick access to the apparatus data, factory technical support personnel can assist as required.

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